Aafke has lots of friends in UK and abroad.  At home she lives with her best friend, our beautiful male Stabyhoun - they love to play and have sniffing adventures.  The pictures illustrate the wonderful diversity of the Wetterhoun appearance.  All have that beautiful Astrakhan coat which needs very little care and attention - no visits to the grooming parlour for a Wetterhoun, just an occasional brush over, they do not need a wash unless they have found fox poo.  See the different coat colours - both the brown and the piebald markings are recessive, meaning that all Aafke's offspring with Jappie are either Brown or Brown and White.  Wetterhounen can also be black and white or all black, with a variety of markings, spotty legs, shirtfronts and socks.  Adult size is less predictable - Aafke and Jappie are medium sized for the breed (56 cm and 58 cm at the shoulder and weighing 28- 30 kg), but both dogs have big fathers (61cm and 62 cm).  The predicted final weight for the puppies, based on their Embark DNA test results, ranges from 25kg to 40kg. 

Aafke's Friends