Aafke's Husband

Aafke is matched with a fine Wetterhoun from the Netherlands.  He was chosen and approved by the Breeding Committee of the NVSW, considering the Coefficient of Inbreeding and the health of both ancestors and offspring in these two lines of Wetterhounen.  The committee has a thorough knowledge due to the complete pedigrees and health information in the breed database.  Of equal importance is the character of both dogs.  He is a very happy boy with a jolly temperament and so eager to please.  He loves people and will do excellent tricks for anyone with a biscuit.  He lives in a town location and is a "first dog" for the family,  disproving the theory that the Wetterhoun is only suitable for experienced and/or countryside homes.  Here he is looking to see who is visiting him - he was very pleased to meet us.